Why Indian Choose to Pursue MBBS in China?

Pursue MBBS in China

Low Criteria Requirement

There may not be very strict admission requirements in Chinese medical schools, but that does not mean a lack of quality education. The Chinese government-approved medical universities, listed in the WHO directory and recognized by the MCI, offer high-quality global medical courses. MBBS in China fee and cost is almost similar to medical courses with top-notch Indian medical courses.

English-Medium Teaching System

For international students, this is the most important factor. Chinese universities understand this very well. Therefore, teachers who teach international students are very qualified in English and are very well able to teach and communicate eloquently with students in English. Universities even often employ foreign teachers from English-speaking countries. So if you’re afraid to study MBBS in China, assuming you have to learn Mandarin Chinese to get in, nothing can be far from the truth.

Creative Teaching Methodology

Medicine is evolving every moment. All countries are investing heavily in medical research. China is no different. China is one of the few countries to invest a significant portion of its annual GDP in health and medicine. The Chinese government and companies fund billions of dollars every year. And to keep pace with this rapid development, Chinese medical universities are also transforming and developing new and creative medical education systems. MBBS students at Chinese universities are regularly exposed to the latest medical inventions, the latest research data, and the most advanced medical devices and equipment.

Financial Cost of Housing

In addition to the fact that studying medicine in China is almost 70% cheaper compared to studying MBBS at any private medical college in India, the total cost of living is surprisingly affordable for an international student. Everything from a hostel or apartment rental to the price of groceries is the same as with any major city in India, sometimes even cheaper depending on where you live in China. Of course, cities like Beijing or Shanghai would be more expensive, but medical schools are mostly located in a place where things are affordable for international students.

Average Fees

The average duration of an MBBS degree in China is 5-6 years. This costs the student about 21,000 to 48,000 RMB per year. This is around INR 2.4-5.6 lakhs per year. In total, this is 12-28 lakhs with a 5-year degree and 14.4-33.6 lakhs with a 6-year degree.

Documents are required for MBBS in China

The following documents are required to apply for an MBBS degree in China:

  • Notarized copy of birth certificate
  • 10th and 12th securities
  • HIV test report
  • Passport-size photos
  • Documents from the New Delhi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • University invitation letter
  • Passport
  • NEET result

Standardized entrance exam for MBBS in China

In China, there is a standardized entrance exam to apply for MBBS. It was set up so that universities have a standard basis for evaluating applicants for MBBS in china without NEET. The form of the test is

4 Main Parts

Each section is based on basic knowledge of medical substances

The four sections are biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

All sections have 50 questions for 100 points except for the math section which has 25 questions for 50 points.

The candidate must take a standardized exam if he or she wants to complete the MBBS in China.