New Interesting Games About K-Pop

K-pop was created to be heard. It is, nevertheless, designed to be just viewed. When a band releases a composition, it’s usually part of a larger plan that includes a visually stunning video clip and multiple live concerts featuring complicated dance sequences and creative clothing and haircuts. In the industry, the finest groups are referred to as “visuals.”

BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups in the World, but that is just one of many musicians and bands, each with their word and image, featuring punk rock, urban pops, and hip-hop recordings with traditional Korean components.

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Collectibles Related To BTS Army!

There are some new collectibles out there, but if you’re looking for something affordable, K-Pop Next might be the best option for individuals who want to buy Jungkook Toy Online.

The Supercool pops are a little more challenging to come by these days but may be purchased in sites like K-Pop Next and other toy stores. Miniature figurines, obtained in the same venues and shops, are another charming assortment.

Global Brand Ambassadors

BTS is no newcomer to stable product releases and serves as a worldwide brand advocate for various companies, including Coway purifiers and Samsung. However, they have the rare ability to sell out everyday stuff simply by mentioning them during one of their videos — or even by a brief showing in one of their movies.

BTS Members Relation with Toys

BTS’ Jin shocked his fanbase on December 4 by posting a minute-long video for the song to celebrate his 29th bday — and his passion for fishing. Boasting 14 million youtube views and a dancing challenge rapidly gathering traction, the new “Super Tuna” video went viral on social media over the week.

  • “Super Tuna” is a trot song, a piece of Korean music popularized from the 1950s to the 1980s, distinguished by its repetitions and distinct vocals.

Though some supporters have taken to TikTok to emulate his flopping along with like a fish movement, the BTS ARMY indeed adores the dog toys stitched into Jin and his background dancers’ clothing.

The toys belonged to a toy collection store. The ray, squid, and the whale, who all made a memorable cameo in the video clip, are part of the maritime and fish-themed range.

Since then, new orders have been pouring in, mainly from BTS fans.


When the toy store found out that Jin used their toys or products in his video, the people there were thrilled, as they had many friends who are BTS fans, says the source. “They were feeling the potential of the BTS ARMY supporting their post; they’d never seen a Tweet about a product garner this much response so rapidly.”

Puzzle Games Available Online

There are many puzzle games available across various e-commerce platforms related to BTS. The reason is undoubted because of the band’s large fan following, which is itself a brand.

Details might differ from game to game, but all the puzzle games are similar if you see the motive.

Let us have a quick review of the details of the Jigsaw puzzle game present on the internet to buy.


Any jigsaw fanatic will love this enticing, fun activity, soothing hobby, or presented gift.

  • There are five different sizes to choose from 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 250 pieces, 550 pieces, or 1,000 pieces.

Chipboard squares of excellent quality with bright sublimation printing

The puzzle is packed in a special present steel box with a picture of the Jigsaw on the cover.

  • Thirty pieces for children four and up, 100 elements for six years and up, 250 bits for ages eight and up, 500 piece puzzles for ages ten and up, and 1000 units for adults are suggested.

Note: Tiny bits of the game can cause a choking risk, making it appropriate for kids under age 3.

Whenever you order to buy a BTS jigsaw puzzle online, it’s always printed specifically for you.

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