Improving student attendances in seven ways

School absenteeism is a problem that takes place in the whole world. No matter how good the schools are, students’ willingness to attend the class depends on themselves. Demotivation is something that students can easily face anytime. They often get distracted or feel like not going to school for no reason. Some get bored from the daily routine and get tired of reading the same books. There can be a genuine reason because students can skip the class, but the absence can go on in a loop and lead to poor academic performance and underdevelopment. The responsibility falls on the school to call back the students who are constantly absent. The staff plans to motivate students with something different in the classroom so that students who are not coming to school because of demotivation come regularly. It will also help them stay away from the distractions that make them skip school. Several schools constantly try to motivate the students every day. Their steps give out successful outcomes, and students maintain their academic progress very well. 

Here are those seven steps that can help students avoid absence:

  1. Developing awareness among the parents 

It is not just the school’s responsibility of the teachers to bring back the absent students, but it is also for parents. Parents play the most important role here. They have to become the biggest motivator in their child’s life. But before they do it, they need guidance or awareness regarding the downsides of absenteeism in school, and the schools have to hold sessions to raise awareness to talk about the issues connected to this matter. It is a big loss for students when they constantly do not come to school. They miss their lectures, tests and other important things which build their academic progress. They also fall behind in personal growth and social matters, leading to depression. When parents are aware of these things, they will act according to them. 

  • Make engaging classes 

The same routine and methods of learning can lead to boredom very easily. Students who attend classes and gets bored either sleep in the classroom while lectures or bunk the class. But the students who skip school days because of boredom are missing a lot, and it is not completely their fault. Today everything has changed a lot, the traditional ways are changing, and new learning ways are coming up to make learning engaging. Engaging classroom gives rise to classroom attendance naturally. Students feel the excitement to go to school every day, and they cannot wait for the weekend to end so that they can go to school. If schools incorporate technology in classrooms and turn them into smart classes, then they can achieve the goal to bring back the absent students to school. Curiosity will automatically bring these students back. One example is the assignment writing UK that helps students online complete their assignments.

  • Bring combination in the extra-curriculum activities

Every student has a different interest, and it is very important to prioritize every student’s interest. Some like sports, some like science and some like Geography. So if there are so many students with different interests, then bringing diversity in the extra-curricular activities will build students’ interest in coming to school. It is important to provide the things that connect the student to their interest to feel excited about it when they come to school. It will keep them energized and full of ideas, making them come to school every day.

  • Taking disciplinary actions

Encouragement and motivations are great, but there has to be a separate rule for penalizing actions against attendance in class. It is a matter to look at and to address about it immediately. As soon as the teacher sees the attendance falling, they have to call that student’s parents and discuss if the absence is without notice. The disciplinary actions should involve the rule that maximum absents will make the student’s grade fall. So that the students make sure that they do not miss school or else they can have a bad report. It is a way to decrease absents of a student.

  • Start giving rewards for achievements

Students love rewards when they do something good. Start offering rewards for the students for 100% attendance. It will motivate the student, and they will make sure to maintain it to receive another reward. It will help them stay motivated every day and make them feel like they did a great job by following the school rules. The students who miss school will start coming when they see the rewards for coming to school regularly.

  • Create a safe and friendly environment

Students find their homes comfortable, friendly and safe, and if they do not find these in their school, it is hard for them to go. Maintaining such an environment has a big impact on the students. Students who feel safe and friendly at school enjoys going to school every day rather than staying at home and doing nothing the whole day. The behavior of teachers and the other students makes the school a safe and friendly place. Also, the security should be good so that the student knows that they are in a safe place other than home.

  • Creating a space for personalized education

Even if a school follows all of the steps that are mentioned above, a student will still feel no connection if the school does not provide a personalized learning experience. It is necessary to provide equal attention to every student in the class and ensure that no one is left behind. Provide the students with an all-inclusive syllabus that will help every student to learn at the same pace. Train teachers to give remedial classes and attention to every student in their classrooms also fulfil their fundamental requirements. It is the privilege of every learner to get equal attention and education, which will lead to proper attendance in the classroom. It is great to move forward, but it is essential to look for those lacking and bring them together.