Important Factors in Choosing a Real Estate Agent

When you’re ready to buy your next home, you’ll want to put together a dream team of pros that can make the process go as smoothly as possible. A top real estate agent in Maryland who understands exactly what sort of home you’re searching for and is willing to assist you in finding it can help captain that squad.

Because buying a property is such a significant financial investment, it’s a good idea to do some research and vetting on real estate agents before selecting one.

A friend or family member may highly recommend an agent to you. However, before relying solely on recommendations, consider whether they would be a suitable fit for your specific requirements.

Are you ready to begin your search? Here are five characteristics to look for in a top-tier real estate agent:

They have a strong pulse on market trends

You want the best real estate agent in Maryland who is up to date on real estate trends. Your real estate agent should be able to confidently describe the sort of inventory available in your price range as well as the typical number of days houses stay on the market in the communities, you’re interested in purchasing in.

Ask potential agents how many homes they’ve gotten to the closing table in the previous year during your initial talks. Another critical aspect to bring up during the early discussions? Inquire about the agent’s sale-to-listing ratio. A sale-to-list ratio compares a home’s selling price to the amount it was last advertised for.

Divide the sale price by the most recent listing price to get the ratio. For example, if a home is advertised for $100,000 and the agent assists the seller in negotiating the price down to $70,000, the home’s sale-to-list ratio is 70%.

A good real estate agent will make completely sure their clients get the best bargain available, which typically results in a lower ratio.

It is important to note that ratios rely primarily on your local home market. It’s uncommon in some areas to pay less than the asking price for a home. So, before selecting a real estate agent based on a sale-to-list ratio, make sure you understand your market.

They know the neighborhoods well.

Once you’ve narrowed down your house search to a certain location, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent that is well-versed in your target communities.

Can your potential realtor answer questions regarding nearby school districts and anticipated HOA assessments in distinct neighborhoods? Do they know what percentage of the listed price residences in the area typically sell for?

Can your realtor offer you a sense of the neighborhood if you’re new to the area, such as which parks are popular nearby, what restaurants are opening soon, what your daily commute will look like, or what sort of volunteer groups you could join?

They come with rave reviews.

If you intend to recruit someone at your company, you’d expect them to have a CV and references, right? That’s also a reasonable expectation to have of real estate brokers, given that they’re attempting to work on your behalf.

Invite your potential agent out to coffee or set up a phone call. Find out whether they’re a member of a local real estate agent association, how long they’ve been in the industry, and if they’ve ever gotten any honors or recognition. Also, always request references.

They have the right credentials for your needs.

Aside from a license, some real estate agents get certifications or affiliations that assist them in carving out a specialist.

A Senior Real Estate Specialist®, for example, has undergone training that allows them to assist clients better. An Accredited Buyer’s Representative® has undergone further training in order to represent purchasers in real estate transactions. Agents who have earned the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ are well-versed in the luxury market.

Consider hiring a real estate agent with specialized expertise who can meet your specific home-buying demands.

 They have time for you.

Finally, inquire as to how many other purchasers your potential real estate agent is currently dealing with. Do they have adequate time to devote to your home search? Are they accessible to show you open homes on weekends?

You deserve to work with a real estate agent that takes your luxury apartments in Maryland search seriously and is ready to move quickly when the time comes to buy.