How To Decorate Your Home With Green Rugs

Rugs are a beautiful addition to your space. Color matters a lot as it adds good vibes to your place. The green color represents nature and the natural world. Green color rugs are attractive and cool as it gives a feeling of nature and harmony to your place. This color also looks luxurious when placed anywhere in the house. People enjoy the calm and soothing vibe from a green rug. They feel relaxed and comfortable around the green color as it provides calmness to the eyes. There are many varieties of green shades that would charm the interior of the house. The colors of green rugs include Emerald, moss, mint, sage, lime, chartreuse, and teal. 

Emerald colored area rugs 

Emerald green is associated with Wood and the planet Jupiter. People born in this zodiac sign are said to be intelligent and creative. This color would add a lot of positive energy and freshness to your room when used as an area rug. Emerald is a dark green color that makes any area look vibrant and aesthetic. An emerald area rug is perfect to create a sleek and classy vibe on your site. Using this color rug is an ideal way to create a dramatic and evoking look for your interior. The color of this rug is a neutral tone that blends well with other colors. The color emerald would add a unique and refreshing look to your interior. Emerald is a royal shade and is a beautiful choice for any interior.

Moss colored area rug

Moss is a shade of green that resembles nature. Moss rugs are perfect for outdoor areas, for instance, the patio or the porch, to give a similar vibe to the grass and the natural beauty of the outdoors. We can also use this color rug in a kid’s area to bring the touch of nature to your home. It brings out a calm and healthy vibe. The moss color is also a popular one in the interior design industry. It is the perfect choice for any room; it brings freshness and life. 

Sage colored area rug

Sage is a shade of green that gives an earthy look to the place. It creates an exotic and rustic atmosphere in any area. Using a sage rug to decorate can be tricky until you know the right way and room to place it. A sage-colored area rug would look perfect when the colors of walls and furniture complement the rug. The sage shade would also provide the room with an antique look. A sage-colored area rug can be a perfect addition to your living room. It would give a calming and rustic touch to the otherwise calm and classy décor of your living room. The best form of furniture for this color is neutral colors, such as beige, tan, or white.

Chartreuse colored area rug

The hint of yellow and green make up a perfect color called chartreuse. This color looks elegant when complemented with blue or neutral colors. Chartreuse area rugs placed in the living room will give your whole place a completely flawless and pleasant look. It would be a perfect color to have your living room fitted with. This shade of green-colored area rug would uplift the entire look of your place. It is one royal and versatile color that can enhance any décor, especially when it comes to formal ones.

 colored area rugs

Mint is a cool shade of green that adds coolness to your place. Mint color rugs suit best in summers to provide refreshing and chilly feels to your house. This shade displays a more springlike look to your home. Mint area rugs work well when complimenting pastel colors. This color offers peace and a relaxing environment to your place. 

Lime colored area rugs

Lime is a vivid color that provides boldness to your house. It gives powerful vibes and is an eye-catching color. It matches well when your walls are of subtle colors. Lime-colored rugs can complement bright tropical hues or prints as well. These rugs will give a breathtaking look to your place. You can tone down your neutral walls with a lime rug. 

Teal colored area rugs

Teal is a mix of blue and green shades. It creates a bold impact on your living space. Your perfect color to create an attraction would undoubtedly be a teal-colored rug. You can place it in a contemporary room with neutral color walls to give a wow statement to your place. You can efficiently work with these rugs anywhere at your home. So, don’t think twice before buying a teal rug for your room. 

Materials for green colored rugs

Green-colored area rugs are available in many textures and materials. These rugs’ materials are made for all indoor-outdoor spaces. The most well-liked rugs materials are wool, cotton, Indoor-outdoor, hand-tufted, and synthetic.

Wool material

Wool material rugs are comfortable and cozy, which is made up of good quality. Wool is stain-resistant material. These rugs are more efficiently used in winter as people like to use soft materials to feel warm. It is made of natural soil and provides coziness in your home.

Cotton material 

Cotton material is comfortable and can be placed on hard floors. Cotton material rugs are inexpensive. This material gives warmth to your feet and provides a relaxing environment in your house. These rugs are mixed with synthetic fibers to make a long-lasting and durable rug.

Indoor-outdoor material

Polyester and synthetic materials are made of natural fibers perfect for outdoor areas with exposure to the sun. These rugs are best for the patio as they are dust and stain-resistant. These rugs are more likely to survive in outdoor weather conditions. 

Shag area rugs

Shag is a smooth and soft material that brings warmth and coziness to an area. Use green shag rugs for your kid’s room to bring comfort and the essence of nature to the place. 


Green area rugs are perfect to create an aesthetic and charming look for your area. Choosing the suitable material for a green area rug is essential to make an impression. Area rugs are the best way to decorate your place. The colors of the rug have a significant impact on the interior of your home. If you want to give a natural look to your place, choose a green area rug. If you are looking for rugs for your home, visit RugKnots. Their rug collection is amazing and beautiful.