11 Modern Chic Living Room Designs for Every Taste

Your living room is one of the most comfortable spaces in your home. It is the space where you and your friends hang out, and it is the place where you entertain your guests and have the best time of your lives. 

A living room is a space that sets an example for the rest of the house. So, you should make sure when you think about decorating your living room; you make the right choices about how you want to decorate it. 

People are switching over to modern designs as they are classier and more spacious for the space. These designs give you a chance to decorate your space as per your style without any judgments. Here are some stylish modern living rooms for every taste bud that might help you get inspired for your living room. 

  • Brimming colors 

The use of popping colors in your living room for the décor and the furniture is one of the fantastic designs for modern living rooms. To achieve a contemporary look for the living room, keep the white walls and use different shades of vibrant colors around the space that will bring out the décor even more. 

  • Transitional 

Choosing a color palette that is neutral and very classic. Accent chairs with navy blue pillows against the soft gray furnishings look so different and unique as a color palette; it is one of the modern transitional designs that look extremely good if you have a small living room. 

  • Mid-Century Inspired Furniture 

Living rooms with retro furniture is one of the modern chic ways to decorate your space with different bright color furniture that looks very sophisticated and elegant. You might like to look for chandeliers that are best in contrast to this furniture. It is one of the best chic home interiors designs in Oakland. 

  • Minimalist 

Everybody is talking about the minimalist lifestyle and furniture that looks good for a living space that will instantly make your house look unique. Some so many people like simple things that match their style, it is the perfect fit for those people. 

  • Different Patterns & Texture

Beautiful wallpaper in an elegant modern pattern will look good in small living spaces. It gives a stylish look to the living room without any effort. Try to compliment patterns with different textures, which can give your small living room a modern, stylish look that you’ve been looking for. 

  • Care-free 

A modern carefree design includes a mix of different textures and patterns while making sure the color palette stays the same. Try to imagine your living room with white walls and charcoal furniture. At the same time, you have a copper side and a leather sofa on the side to subtle the look and make it a more inviting space.

  • Airy and Bright 

Modern living room spaces are more known for the decorative vibrant color furniture while leaving the space open for a more airy and bright look. Using subtle neutral-toned colors for your furniture with vibrant large prints can look so stylish for your living room space. Many San Francisco East Bay Home Staging love this design. 

  • Black and white 

Black and white themes are among the most famous color palettes in this contemporary world. A monochromatic furniture color scheme can make your living room space look so different that people wouldn’t stop complimenting your taste. Using copper or metal accents on side tables can help the colors pop out. 

  • Art Deco 

If you are looking for that lush and cozy-looking living room, then it is the perfect design for you. You can experiment with different art items like the faceted mirror and brass coffee table with a luxurious touch of plush jewel-toned furniture. This design is very vibrant and cozy for anyone who sees it. 

  • Art Deco and Minimalist 

Suppose you like the art deco design while keeping it simple, then it’s the design for you. You can use the art deco furniture while keeping on the down-low, which creates a unique look that is elegant and lush at the same time. 

  •  Maximalist 

Many people in this world like to decorate their living room with everything they possibly have, and one of the great things about modern designs is that it looks as good as a minimalist design.